Isle of Wight Grain is a farmer’s cooperative that was founded in 1978 with the focus of promoting the islands produce in a competitive market.  Our aim is to support small farmers via cleaning, drying, blending and storage facilities of crops, allowing their produce to be to be aggregated, and shipped off the island to the best marketplace, hence achieving optimal returns for all farms, regardless of their size.  The initial six pioneering, founding members, has now grown to a forty-eight strong alliance, bringing their individual expertise and knowledge to the table, all dedicated to producing the highest quality crops.

Located off the southern coast of England, famous for its natural beauty and rich agricultural land, the islands ideal position and temperate climate mean the Wheat and Spring Barley are sought after by the best Millers and Maltsters.  We are proud that our island was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1963 and more recently a Biosphere Reserve in 2019.

In 2022 our own, solar powered feed mill was completed, providing us the ability to manufacture and market a range of premium feeds. Having complete control, using only the best and island grown ingredients, supported by expert nutritionists; we are now able to feed the islands livestock with island vitality. In doing this we can demonstrate the shortest supply chain in the food market.

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Isle of Wight Grain (IWG), is a cooperative of 60 farmer members on the island, managing, marketing and distributing a single grain pool annually. We also mill a range of animal feed, using Island Grains, in our bespoke, solar powered mill.